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This fake self-destruct button is about to become your new favorite stress relief toy

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If you’re having an especially bad day at work or the current political climate Twitter is causing you stress, you might appreciate having a self-destruct button on standby. No, it’s not an actual self-destruct button, but a fun little toy you can have at your desk that can even charge your devices.

The Self-Destruct USB Hub is kinda like a busy board for grownups that has a very extreme aesthetic. It’s got a big red button that can only be activated when the two switches and one big key are flipped and turned in order. Once activated, you can press the big button to set off lights and sounds not unlike something blowing up. It’s a fun deterrent against work piling up on your desk and can even help you indulge your “getting rid of Rob from accounting” fantasies. Screw you, Rob. Read more…

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